Stéphan Forté has just signed a worldwide deal with Listenable records (Gojira, Soilwork, Adagio) for the release of his first instrumental solo album “The Shadows Compendium”
The album will be distributed in US by E1 distribution, UK by ADA/WARNER and features several guests such as Jeff Loomis, Mattias Eklundh, Glen Drover, Daniele Gottardo and Derek Taylor.
Stéphan: “I am very happy to sign with Listenable for “The Shadows Compendium” The label did a great job for Adagio"’s latest album “Archangels In Black” and I am really pleased to have such a strong Metal label supporting an instrumental album worldwide. I’ve been working on the writing for more than 4 years and I’m glad to finally be ready to share this music with you guys. This albums reflects my very personal vision of guitar, it is of course a Metal album, featuring some insane guitar chops, but still very melodic. Right now, I am practicing the songs in order to be ready to play them perfectly for the showcase tour in October. As far as the guests, I am lucky to have such talented friends, they all did amazing solos, Jeff, Glen, Mattias, Daniele and Derek, guys you kick serious asses, thanks again buddies!!”

The artworkd has been done by Ludovic Cordelières at Rusalka Design and Perrine Perez Fuentes at PPF pictures 

Stéphan will embark for a masterclass and showcase tour in Europe in October introducing the album and his new LÂG signature 7 strings guitar. 
Adagio will enter in studio to record it’s 5th album around January 10th 2012. More news soon.